Thursday, January 31, 2013

Report: Iran and Hizbullah Learning from Past Mistakes

A new report warns that after a number of failed terror attacks, Iran and Hizbullah are learning from their past mistakes.

According to a report by counterterrorism expert Matthew Levitt of the Washington Institute for Near East Studies, Iran's elite Quds Forces and the Hizbullah terror network are becoming increasingly aggressive and have been escalating their activities, fueling concerns abroad that the two pose a growing threat not only in the Middle East but to the U.S. and other Western targets as well.

Levitt cites two key attacks carried out last year - a foiled plot to assassinate Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the U.S. and a bomb placed on a tour bus which killed five Israelis and wounded 30 others in Bulgaria this past summer - as indication that the terror groups are determined to strike Western targets and move beyond the borders of the Middle East.

Israel National News

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