Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Answer Is outside the Mideast

For over 64 years, the Palestinians have been the football in the Mideast struggle. Neither Israel nor the Arabs have budged one inch since 1948 in regard to the lot of these people.

It is folly to assume that any further negotiations will change anything.
We are going to have to consider that any answer, if it is to be found at all, will have to come from an outside party; from outside the Mideast.

Right now, the core of the problem is Judea and Samaria, what the world calls the West Bank.

The Arabs there are generally hostile to Israel. In theory, Israel could retreat to the "Auschwitz line" of 1967 -- which is actually the armistice line of 1949 -- but that would be suicidal. Israel will not do it.

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