Friday, November 16, 2012

Grand Ayatollah Nouri Hamedani: “Shia-phobia is spread to disunite Muslims”

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - A senior Iranian jurisprudent met with top Iraqi cleric and slammed enemies for hatching plots to disunite Muslims.

Grand Ayatollah Hussein Noori Hamedani, Iranian Shia jurisprudent met with Hojjat-ol-Islam Seyyed Ammar Hakim, Chairman of Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, and warned that efforts to spread Shia-phobia is to spread disunity among Muslim communities.

He denounced anti-Islamic plots and said world arrogant powers pursue developing disunity among Muslims through Islamophobia, Shia-phobia and Arab-phobia.

“These plots are inspired by the Zionists and Muslims from all Islamic schools of thought have to be vigilant against the intrigues.” he said.

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